Dr. Pamela Holland Obiomon
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Email: phobiomon@pvamu.edu

Professional Preparation

  • Texas A&M University Electrical Engineering Ph.D., 2003

  • Prairie View A&M University, Engineering, M.S., 1993

  • University of Texas at Arlington, Electrical Engineering, B.S., 1990

Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
              Watson, K., Ph.D., T
exas A & M University, Co-Chair
              Attia, J., Ph.D., Prairie View A&M University, Co-Chair

  • Assistant Professor, Prairie View A&M University, 2003- present

  • Lead Data Processing System Hardware Engineer, United Space Alliance, 2000-2002

  • Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1998-1999

  • Assistant Lecturer, Prairie View A&M University, 1993-1996

  • Research Assistant, Prairie View A&M University, 1990-1991

  • Assistant Lecturer, Texas A&M University, 1995

  • Software Evaluator, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, 1994



 Accomplishments & Awards















 "An Integrated Microsystem for Environmental Sensing Powered by Energy Scavenging", Collaborative Research with the NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMs) at the University of Michigan

The  research focus on developing miniature, low-cost integrated Microsystems which can gather information from their environment, interpret the data received and communicate with a host system over a  bi-directional wireless link. 

Current Research 

Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory On the Spot Award Received for the support of the Integrated Support Console used for the Space Shuttle Avionics Cockpit Upgrades.  August 2002.

United Space Alliance Monthly Award for Team Work:  Received for Space Shuttle Solid State Mass Memory (SSMM) and Recorder Installation and Integrated Testing, a multi-disciplined team composed of NASA, USA and Boeing personnel. The team effort in uncovering generic hardware failure immediately before Authority-to-Proceed to build the flight units saved the Space Shuttle Program a large sum of money.   April 2002.

United Space Alliance Quest for Excellence Award:   Received for contribution in addressing the Space Shuttle STS-102 GPC redundant set anomaly.  June 2001.